Ford Performance 5.0L Coyote Gen 2 Crate Engine (M-6007-M50A)

Ford Performance 5.0L Coyote Gen 2 Crate Engine

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This engine replaces the 2011-14 crate engine M-6007-M50. Now you can harness all of the power of the new 2015-2017 Coyote Mustang in your own build. This 5.0L motor packs a ground pounding 435 horsepower and 400+ lbs-ft of torque @ 4,250 RPM (with premium fuel). This S550 engine features an aluminum block with cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength. This engine will be great for use in street rod or resto-mod builds using Ford Performance's controls pack.

-11.0:1 Compression Ratio
-Forged steel crankshaft & connecting rods.
-Hypereutectic Aluminum Pistons
-Aluminum Block
-DOHC 4V aluminum heads, with variable intake and exhaust camshaft timing.
-8 qt. capacity oil pan.
-Tuned composite Mustang GT variable runner intake manifold with production drive-by-wire 80mm throttle body.
-Includes manual transmission engine harness and flywheel.
-Mustang GT 409 stainless-steel tubular exhaust manifold on the RIGHT SIDE ONLY
-Vehicle harness, PCM and alternator NOT included.
-Engine mount bosses and bellhousing mount pattern common to 4.6L/5.0L modular engines.
-Engine weight 444lbs

Note: The Coyote engine as installed in the 2015-17 Mustang uses an exhaust manifold with an integrated catalytic converter on the driver side. Due to its cost, this manifold is not included and the engine is shipped only with the passenger side exhaust manifold.

Engine Harness: This engine requires engine controls pack M-6017-504V to run properly.


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